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South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Council fail to save archaeology sites for future. FOR THE LATEST click here

Paths to the west of Didcot have been well-used by walkers for as long as anyone can remember. Didcot dog walkers call one of the footpaths the Didcot Dogmile - its official name is D21! 

Oxfordshire County Council took the controversial decision to build on the site, consisting of high-grade farmland to the west of Didcot before a public inquiry and when little was known about the archaeology.

This website is a record of the land, the planning process and the archaeology. 
It has been created by Didcot residents.

Also known as Great Western Park (GWP)
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Miranda Creswell: Didcot Dogmile ExhibItion
Why develop these fields for housing?
Planning process
Because it’s Didcot

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85 years of expansion - Click here to see Didcot as it was in 1928
For more recent Didcot photos see the Social Landscape or Didcot Click here
Download the 2014 Residents’ History Trail Proposal

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Fabulous farmland, much loved walks and
spectacular archaeology dating back 9000 years
So why are 3,300 new homes being built here?
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Didcot to expand by 10,000+ new homes 
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