When the local community were asked to contribute to the Didcot Dogmile exhibition they did so with great enthusiasm... apologies for not naming the many, that sent photos, dating from the 1960’s to 2013...
The actual Dogmile may have gone, but the virtual Dogmile is right here...
Photos of the town at the Social Landscape of Didcot facebook page: Click here
Photo gallery
1982 snow behind barleyfields
Dog walkers in snow
Birds nest
Combine Harvester
Frosty walk
1975 with the Dogmile running left to right in the picture
1976 haystack and kids
1978 baler
Autumn Ploughing
1983 sunset
There may be trouble ahead...
Frosty walk by the gate
Aerial view 1
Aerial view 2
Aerial view 3
Aerial view 4
Aerial view 5
1960’s with traction engine
Views from the Brasenose estate homes 1960’s
2004 Hedgerow & power station
2010 Sunset Feb
Through the parish boundary
Wheat field
Hot Air Balloon
Shown at the public inquiry 2004
Dogs of the Dogmile 1
Dogs of the Dogmile2
Dogs of the Dogmile 3
Dogs of the Dogmile 4
Dogs of the Dogmile 5
1970 Power Station
1978 collect bales
1975 winter walk
1977 Stephen Freeman School Elms and pigsties
1981 combine
Exhibition photo montage
Photo board - part 1
Photo board - part 2
Photo board - part 3
Photo board - part 4
Field behind Slade Road
oak tree 2000
Storm clouds gather
2002 Cotswold Archaeology assessment
Path through the crops towards SF School
At work on the Dogmile
Grey Partridge
2003 Bare cherry tree
2003 winter view
2010 young NIMBY’s or just kids enjoying the countryside?
Bales and power station
More dogs of the Dogmile
Wheat fields and power station
2003 February
Blowing in the wind
Brasenose Road entrance to the Dogmile
Glider crash landing 2010
End of the Dogmile
Hands Off poster
The Dogmile’s District Councillor!
2010 fields last winter before development
2010 last winter before development
2010 last winter before development
A walk by a fence
No crops now just developers
2011 Didcot West fields under construction
Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for developers?
The houses are coming
A last look back
2010 In Loving Memory